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Are you only interested in people looking at mainstream education and training?

No, definitely not. We recognize that learning and personal development can be pursued in many forms, and that's when you can find it really difficult to get hold of resources to assist.
So for example, someone might have an interest in say music or outdoor/sporting activity which it's just not possible to get support for without some record of achievement or basic qualifications that might only be available through private/independent sector providers.
In those directions, we see the bursary as having the capability to open doors to these experiences. Again, either through meeting all or some of the costs of fees or providing some other form of practical support.

We're even prepared to consider proposals which are very person-centred. You know, someone may have some sort of developmental journey that they may want to take outside of formal structures and we are very happy to consider any ideas if we can see real value in them.

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